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Project Management

In today"s ever changing environment, multiple, cross-functional or divisional, time constraint programmes and projects are common across Government, NGO and Private sector both locally and internationally.

Our highly qualified and accredited consultants come with a wealth of practical experience of programme and project management using the latest tools and techniques. At Esteem we ensure our client's programmes and projects are planned, managed and executed efficiently. Our consultants are also experienced in providing programme and project assurance and reviews in order to realise the intended benefits beyond implementation. We also assist our clients to develop business cases which will stand up to any level of scrutiny.

What we do

At Esteem we provide a full range of project and programme management services which we tailor to the needs of an individual client and the characteristics of a particular programme/project. We help our clients to create an appropriate framework and process for success then we provide support to justify, initiate, manage and implement the programme/project so that it can be delivered on schedule and to budget, thereby meeting its objectives and realising its benefits. The following are a few of the project support services Esteem team can provide:

  • Project Audits ­ assess a particular project to confirm probability of success
  • Risk Assessments ­ review risks on higher risk projects, establish strategies for dealing with risks
  • External Risk Management ­provide full risk management services outside of the immediate team (for very high risk projects)
  • Post Project Reviews ­ independent view of how you did including assessment of project/business outcomes.
  • Project Management Mentoring / Coaching ­ work with your developing project managers to enhance their abilities while increasing the probability of success on a project
  • Project Rescue Services ­ reviewing challenged projects and repositioning them by re­scoping, changing team members, re-positioning expected business outcomes or shutting them down

Why Choose Esteem

We apply the latest programme and project management techniques to enable our clients develop strategies that increase the effectiveness of their approach to, and more importantly realise benefits from programmes and projects implemented.

We have built up a competitive portfolio of project management tools and methodologies which have been tasted over time (reducing preparation times). These range from detailed processes for status reporting; change management; risk management; quality management; earned value; etc. Contact us for complete end-to-end project planning and execution for your "can´t fail", mission critical projects