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Internal Audit Services

Now more than ever, businesses need trusted business advisors to serve as their auditors. In Esteem, you will find your most trusted business advisor. We make a commitment to our audit clients to help identify business risks, offer advice for improving controls, evaluate accounting issues, and assess the quality of information our clients are using to make business decisions. As a trusted advisor, we help companies achieve their business goals and improve their performance. Our experienced audit professionals examine and attest to our clients´ financial statements following the highest professional standards.

Technical Audit Approach

We apply a special audit approach that can be applied to any operational setting. Our audit approach focuses on:

  • Performing general planning and identify areas of audit significance
  • Understanding and evaluate the significant sources of information
  • Performing risk assessments
  • Developing and execute the audit approach
  • Drawing overall audit conclusions
  • Why Choose Esteem

    We ensure compliance with professional accounting and reporting standards. In doing our work we look for the consistency between your business performance and the financial reports produced. Going by this approach we give assurance to the shareholders on the state of the business at a given time. Our audits also ensure that your business is compliant with the tax laws and in line with all statutory requirements. We provide the following core services:

    • Internal Audit
    • Internal Audit Training
    • Forensic Audit and Fraud Audit
    • Forensic Audit Training
    • Fraud Audit Training
    • Risk Management
    • Audit Committee effectiveness